About Us

Music Bam International is more than just music and bam and international.  It's the freedom to create the freshest content - changing every musician's life.
Music Bam floats to the top, and will never be flushed.
Bam indeed.

Ryan J. Gill - Founder, Editor
Ryan oversees all things music bam international

Kyle Fudd - Regional Drummer, Journalist
Kyle has played more than just a few shows - he's played a few dozen.
From Slappy's Irish Pub, to the South Lampten VFW.
Kyle packs talent, chops, and attitude.

Phil Beft - Vocalist, Content Provider
We are surprised Phil had the time for us, but he didn't.
Making his articles so rare, you probably shouldn't read them.

Paul Salmon - Editorialist, Overall Musician
Paul comes from a town that no longer exists.  He also plays keyboard, and others.

Barney Van Halen - Lead Guitarist, Columnist
It's not easy being the other Van Halen - but it's Barney.

2017 - All Designs, Characters, Content (unless otherwise noted) Ryan J. Gill

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