The Absolute Best Music Tattoos EVER

Music is life, and so are tattoos.  Some even say tattoos are more than life. 
They are a spiritual connection between us and ink.  
Much like music, tattoos come from a place no one understands - and understanding them is confusing.

To help us all understand, here's a premiere collection of the BEST music tattoos ever created, ever.

Organ Player - Oscar Mayer Weiners


How to Properly Play the Cowbell

Step 1: Don't. 

2018 - Kyle Fudd

Kyle is the drummer for Barney Van Halen, and he writes exclusively for Music Bam International.

6 Signs Your New Drummer Came From a Christian Rock Band

Drummers of worship actually exist - we have proof.  We've even witnessed them, surprisingly pierced, tattooed, and ready to groove with anyone.  Typically showcasing an abnormal amount of energy, positive attitude, and a humble sense of dynamics. 

These traits can be alarming - so we've compiled a short list of christian drummer characteristics - so you may prepare yourself for the slightly inevitable.

Here are 6 signs your new drummer came from a christian rock band: