The 8 Best Practice Spaces for Under $2K a Month!

Finding a reasonably priced rehearsal space has only gotten harder. It's almost as if they're a rip off - and your city is slowly becoming a rat race.

This has caused our team to scour the classifieds and hit the streets to find you the 8 best practice spaces for under $2,000 a month!

4700 NE 56TH ST WEST

1. The Cozy Cube ($1450 mo.)

This recently remodeled cube is a great place to jam! One power outlet to supply all the juice your amps need, and a couch for all your cool friends to hang.

The antiques are for display only, and not included with the cube.


134 STUPHLETON AVE (entrance in back)

2. The Rustic Basement ($1200 mo.)

Loaded with a lightbulb, a few extension cords, and some leftover furniture - this dwelling is just the escape your band craves. The monthly rate was recently lowered due to a very small contamination, but that has not stopped it's high interest among many music groups. 



3. An Actual Dollhouse ($895 mo.)

This is a great value for those smaller bands on an even smaller budget. The popsicle sticks and cardboard walls tend to absorb moisture, so the landlords are asking that no food or beverage be brought into any of the rooms.

Exterior wall and roof are not included.



4. The Poolside Hut ($1705 mo.)

A vision from Kyle, the homeowner who updated this old tool shed to have more of an uplifting appeal. Loaded with two and a half shelves for gear storage, and a highly detailed mural of a forest.

The original plans were for this unit to be an AirBNB, but Kyle decided musicians were an easier source of income. 



5. This Guy's Van ($645 a mo.)

Recently upgraded with a drum riser, lower storage, and 3rd row seating - this 97 Sedarna SE is surprisingly available.

This unit may also be relocated down the street if noise complaints develop.



6. LEVEL 3, MAP 1 ($850 mo.)

This rental comes with plenty of space, free heating, and exotic scenery. Beware however, there are a few eccentric neighbors who may consider approaching you if your rehearsal runs too late. 



7. The Slanty Shanty ($1100 mo.)

This unit now includes a rope ladder for quick access and load-in. Also included are two squirrel feeders to keep the rodents distracted from building another nest, and stealing your chips.

An extension cord may be rented from the adjacent house for an addition $45 a week.  


50001 NE 25TH B ST WEST

8. That Dumpster Behind Slappy's Irish Pub ($1350 mo.)

Slappy's has always supported the musicians - with open mic night every Sunday morning, free drink ticket for the band, and slightly easy access to the kitchen/bathroom.

Musicians are encouraged to be vacant from the unit Wednesdays between 9 and 10 am.


2017 - Phil Beft

Phil is the vocal stylist of Barney Van Halen, and he writes exclusively for Music Bam International.

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