9 Projects That Actually Don't Involve Dave Grohl

Where there's anything, there's Dave. And it isn't rock and roll unless he's right there jamming with you - broken leg or not.

But we need to wonder why so much Dave?
Have we become too dependent on him?
Have we considered what life will be like after Dave?

Although a world without Dave is scary, we've still managed to find a few interesting projects that he actually opted out of - or was too busy for.

1. The 12th Annual Lartonville Valley 8th Grade Talent Show

Apparently Grohl had scheduling conflicts that stopped him from squeezing in a quick jam with "Tommorrow's Beard", a band competing in this year's Lartonville Valley Middle School's Talent Show.
He did however tweet his support.

Although this would technically make him "involved" - we decided it can still be listed, since he never actually jammed with the group. 


2. The Circleville Community Orchestra

We were surprised there were no Grohl sightings in this year's lineup. Dave has been known to sit in on a few jams with similar orchestras.

His most famous jam was from last year when he played trombone for the Newcringe Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert was streamed by 12 million YouTube subscribers - and was consequently released onto 500,000 limited edition LPs. 


3. The 23rd Avenue Players

They might not look like much, but they're almost entertaining the theater every Tuesday morning with their own rendition of "Varsity Moses."


4. Your Sister's Graduation

We have confirmed that Dave can't be there, although he was certainly invited.


5. Season Two of "Dinner with Ben"

Ben is a bit of a legend for his 'Freezer to Microwave' styles. It's actually made him the 7th most popular host on Kolmada Public Access 5. 

Although Grohl did jam with Ben for every episode of Season 1, legal issues prevented him from appearing in Season 2. 


6. This Party

We can verify that Grohl is not a fan of Frank (pictured above in the white shirt, left side) - Making the odds of him showing up almost unlikely. 


7. The (New) International Winchestershire Archery Finals

Dave is a very outspoken critic of The New International Winchestershire Archery Association. Since 2011 his weekly tweets against them has cost him dozens of fans.

Because he only jams under the old regulations, you will certainly not find Mr. Grohl at any of the New International Winchestershire Archery Finals.


8. Tomorrow's PowerMax Morning Meeting

Dave does jam at most meetings. Just not the early ones. Early mornings are a trigger for his coffee addiction.

9. Your New Job at McDonalds

We can almost guarantee that Dave will not be jamming with you at McDonalds. It just doesn't pay that well.

2017 - Kyle Fudd

Kyle is the drummer for Barney Van Halen, and he writes exclusively for Music Bam International.

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