5 Reasons You Need Even More Bedding in Your Bass Drum

The bass drum is the single most important instrument ever discovered - and how you stuff it is probably important too.

Here are 5 reasons you need even more bedding in your bass drum.

1.  The need for speed

The physics are super complex on this one, so think of it this way: A hollow bass drum seems harder to play fast - so the bedding really helps you speed things up.

If your bass drum sounds more like a click, I mean, a really fast click - then you can jam so many bass drums into just a few measures - especially with a quadriplet kick pedal.

**It's called the Snapple test.  If your bass drum sounds like a Snapple bottle cap (opened, or popped) - then you have a speedy bass drum.


2. Let the bass player do all that "bass" work

It's not your job to always fill out the low end. You got a guy for that. Worrying about tones, and notes - is just one more way you'll get distracted. 

Have you ever hit an empty bass drum? It's as if the drum is trying to sing or something. I'm pretty sure the singer is the one who wants to sing. 


3. More is always better, always

If the padding makes it's quicker, and not so dang noisy - then you clearly need more. It's exactly like gasoline in a car - if you have more, then you are better off. So if you have more blankets and pillows, you'll be super fast - and you'll stop any funny notes from squeaking out. 


4. It's now an extra bed!

You've got the pillows - at least 2.  You've also got a few blankets, and a comforter.  You're bass drum now doubles as a bed! You could be the dude who saves a drunk friend's life - or the dude who rents it out for extra income. 

***If you're stylish enough you could even match the sheets to the snare drum.


IMG: prosoundweb.com

5. There's other people to make you louder

At the shows there's a person who usually puts a mic in your bass drum. That dude can usually make it louder that way. 

If he doesn't have a mic stand, then he can squeeze the mic in between a few of your pillows, and that will hold it there for at least a few songs.


2017 - Kyle Fudd

Kyle is the drummer for Barney Van Halen, and he writes exclusively for Music Bam International.


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