Kyle Fudd Explains Why He Only Plays Cymbian Cymbals

KYLE FUDD is easily one of the most influential drummers to come out of the vapid-rock scene.  His 'hit-the-drums-kinda-hard' technique is the most requested drum style on youtube - especially with the overnight success of Barney Van Halen.

After "Sh'aint Lyin'" topped the bottom of the charts in 2017, his fame has led him to fend off dozens of endorsement opportunities - ultimately leaving Kyle wondering who would be sponsoring him on the "Cut The Cake" tour. 

Then he answered the call from Cymbian cymbals....

We caught up with Mr. Fudd at Slappy's Irish Pub for a quick interview about his latest endorsement deal with the cymbal giant:


Singers - the answers to all your dreams and prayers and desires are all right here

The Absolute Best Music Tattoos EVER

Music is life, and so are tattoos.  Some even say tattoos are more than life. 
They are a spiritual connection between us and ink.  
Much like music, tattoos come from a place no one understands - and understanding them is confusing.

To help us all understand, here's a premiere collection of the BEST music tattoos ever created, ever.

Organ Player - Oscar Mayer Weiners


How to Properly Play the Cowbell

Step 1: Don't. 

2018 - Kyle Fudd

Kyle is the drummer for Barney Van Halen, and he writes exclusively for Music Bam International.

6 Signs Your New Drummer Came From a Christian Rock Band

Drummers of worship actually exist - we have proof.  We've even witnessed them, surprisingly pierced, tattooed, and ready to groove with anyone.  Typically showcasing an abnormal amount of energy, positive attitude, and a humble sense of dynamics. 

These traits can be alarming - so we've compiled a short list of christian drummer characteristics - so you may prepare yourself for the slightly inevitable.

Here are 6 signs your new drummer came from a christian rock band:

9 Projects That Actually Don't Involve Dave Grohl

Where there's anything, there's Dave. And it isn't rock and roll unless he's right there jamming with you - broken leg or not.

But we need to wonder why so much Dave?
Have we become too dependent on him?
Have we considered what life will be like after Dave?

Although a world without Dave is scary, we've still managed to find a few interesting projects that he actually opted out of - or was too busy for.

862 Bass Players You've Probably Never Heard Of

With no introduction, here are 862 bass players you've probably never heard of.

Drummer - Heineken Style

Shirt, Mug, Hoodie, Etc:


The 8 Best Practice Spaces for Under $2K a Month!

Finding a reasonably priced rehearsal space has only gotten harder. It's almost as if they're a rip off - and your city is slowly becoming a rat race.

This has caused our team to scour the classifieds and hit the streets to find you the 8 best practice spaces for under $2,000 a month!

7 Reasons You Need to Stop Farting at Band Practice

The practice space is the hub of musical inspiration - the home to many musicians - and a refuge from the everyday stinks of life. To fill it full of farts is an abomination to all things music, and a possible hazard to everything important in life - and beyond. 

Here are 7 reasons you need to stop farting at band practice. 

The Bass Player - King of Pulse

Bassplayer - King of Pulse
For the Budweiser fan

Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, etc:

5 Reasons You Need Even More Bedding in Your Bass Drum

The bass drum is the single most important instrument ever discovered - and how you stuff it is probably important too.

Here are 5 reasons you need even more bedding in your bass drum.